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Weary of technology and its constant restrictions, Joe Webb started making photocollages of pictures he would find in vintage magazines from the 1950s. Blending the romantic era of glamorous models and dreamlike ideals, Webb produces artwork that act as reinvented images with the objective of communicating new messages and ideas. Sourcing just two to three images, he merges history and modernity, surrealism and romance. Photographs selected for the exhibition includes some of his most renowned works, like collages of surrealist portraits over women from the 1950s, a playful nod to both Magritte and Matisse.

The Pulp friction exhibition will also showcase Webb’s early work, which is focused on politics and humour, prior to his more minimalistic and abstract collages. Vintage nostalgia loses itself in a cheeky friction between decades, in what seems to be a one of a kind exhibition.




“oh yeah let’s go out today oh oops first i have to walk through this water with seastars ok” 

i’d just lie there in the water 

I’d love this actually


Rainy Day Porcelain Coffee / Tea Cup

Enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee on your next rainy day with a cup to match the weather. Includes saucer and cup, both crafted out of porcelain. Sold on Etsy.



this week’s hair color is brought to you by sunsets after a week of rain in june

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